Four Season Project


My very first project. It was rather in the beginning when I just began to experiment with make-up that I did this series. Actually it all started with just one little tree. The idea came in spring, as I was walking through an avenue lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees. I was wondering if it was possible to use a face as a canvas, turning every asset of it into a tree. Even the hair I wanted to put up straight so it would resemble branches and leaves. So I started by creating one single spring tree. The photographer, Sylvie Huybrecht, whom I worked with at the time said that it might be a good idea to recreate all four seasons. And as it was said, so it was done and four trees were made. And for each tree I picked a model who best resembled the season for each particular look. For my autumn tree for example, I picked a redhaired person with lots of freckles and a yellow warm skintone, to match the warm colors. For winter I chose a model with black hair and really beautiful pale skintones, which was perfect to give that cold winter look. That way all the seasons would come out in their best way. Sylvie Huybrecht, Leo Poppe and Mark Missorten made the pictures.