Hairdressers Awards 2015


This year I can say with pride that I have won my very first award with Philip Noppe Coiffure! Together we won the Hairdressers Press Award of 2015 ! Philip was chosen as the best hairdresser of the year according to the press and he won with a picture that we made together in 2015. It was only a few months before the competition that we did this photoshoot, so we decided and made the looks also rather last minute, with almost no time to prepare. So I used the inspiration of the moment  to create this series of pictures.  But it wasn’t the first time that Philip asked me for this, I worked with him in the past and normally I just do the makeup for the awards and someone else takes the pictures, but this year was different, because he had no photographer to work with. So I proposed to also do the photography this year. It's not easy go get a opportunity in the hairdresser world as a young photographer, so I was really happy that he gave me this chance.