Living in an origami world


This started -just like my trees- all with an experiment, and one of my best friends, Silvia. In the periode I made the first picture of this series, I wanted to do some more creative photographic things. I already let my creativity burst in my makeup work, but as far as photography and photoshop, this was still unknown territory for me. So I tried something new, and since I really am a dreamer and a fantasy loving person, I made a paper boat, put it in water and photographed it together with my best friend in my little homemade photostudio and tried to combine the two afterwards in photoshop. I unexpectedly enjoyed doing this shoot so much, that Silvia made some other origami figures in her spare time, that I used afterwards in other shoots to make my own little dreamscaped fantasy world. My last origami project was a 'save the date' card for a really good friend of mine, Roshanak. She love the origami idea so much that she wanted to have this in her card as well. At my request, my friend Silvia, made a heart, ring and boat out of paper, that I afterwards photoshopped all together, with the pictures of the couple that I took in my studio. And so, here is, the end result. I really love when people ask me to do such crazy ideas, because it really boosts my creativity. And in the future, you can expect a lot more like this.