Passionate about beauty



My biggest passions combined in one: Extreme Makeup, Hairstyling, Photography and Retouching. The reason I started to combine everything is because even though you can have a specific idea in mind of the desired makeup look, that doesn't mean the photographer with whom you work, sees it exactly like you do. I really love working with other people, and sometimes they see it exacly like you, but quite often, this is not the case. I've been dissapointed a lot, did a lot of free work to build up experience and sometimes I did whole looks or even bodypaints, travelling half the country, but in the end got nothing in return. Somethimes I did get something, but because of bad lighting, didn't see anything of my work anymore. So I decided, I will still work with other people but I will also create my own concepts/looks and photograph them exactly as I have them in mind. Also for me, even though its my work, I still want to enjoy what I do or love what I create. I always said that when the day would come, that I wouldn' t enjoy anymore what I do, I would quit immediately. Because it all reflects back in your work, and if it’s not authentic, you’re not going to sell. So therefore, my work is my passion, and my passion is my work.