Diablo blvd. - Son of Cain


Actually, you can't really call this a project, but because I put a lot of time and effort in it, I want it to have a special place here and an album of its own. A year ago, I was asked to do makeup for the new 'Son of Cain' music video by Diablo Blvd. And since I personally enjoy a more extreme type of makeup, this was really my kind of thing. The director of the video, Jelle Boucher, said that I was more than welcome to bring my camera and take some pictures of my work afterwards. And so, after the recordings were done, I made some pictures of my work, in the wonderful setting that Jelle created. And even though I didn't really have any professional equipment or lighting and did everything on my own, I'm still very happy and proud of the results. Even the band itself liked my pictures so much that they used one of them as a teaser/poster to promote their upcoming video on all of their social media.