Creative Work

Before & After

Photoshop, some people love it, others are against it. Personally, I think Photoshop is an essential part of photography by making that one picture perfect. I am not saying that perfection is an absolute must but if you are making something magical it can be your key to perfection and imagination. So in my case perfection means bringing to life the image I saw in my head when I took the picture and how I wanted it to be.


Besides make-up, I love doing hair, because it completes your look. If you are a professional make-up artist, it's essential to have a bit of hairskills because in a lot of situations, the crew or clients will expect that you can do this also. There isn't always the budget or the time to work with a make-up artist and a hairdresser as well, so they expect you to do the two. But, in my opnion, if you do a specific look, you of all people should know which hairstyle would match best. So also for that reason, I think it's really important that you can do both.

Sh*t happens

Iedereen maakt fouten. Maar omdat we in een tijdperk leven waarin alles #perfect moet zijn, is het des te moeilijker om nog met al die perfectie om te kunnen. Als je een foto, make-up of kapsel aflevert, dan verwachten klanten dat die tot op de pixel, millimeter of haarlok perfect is. Iedereen verwacht een photoshop-perfect leven, waarin minder goed werk of fouten compleet uit den boze zijn. Post je een foto met een ietwat ‘scheve’ eyeliner, dan kraken anderen je af tot the worst make-up artist in history. Althans, als je alle commentaren op sociale media moet geloven.


I almost forgot how much I loved these springseries I created in 2015. Really can't believe it's already been 4years since I've made these. It feels almost unreal, how much everything changed over these past years...

Living in an origami world

This started -just like my trees- all with an experiment, and one of my best friends, Silvia. In the periode I made the first picture of this series, I wanted to do some more creative photographic things. I already let my creativity burst in my makeup work, but as far as photography and photoshop, this was still unknown territory for me.

Tuatha de danann

A project I did together with another wonderful makeup artist, Lieve Humbeeck. My colleague, companion, friend and second mother. Someone who was there from the start, helped me out many times and backed me up, also when I was at my worst. For those of you who don't know me in person: when you see me I'm quiet but when you know me, I'm a really social person, and even though I do a lot on my own, somethimes I really need those moments where I get to work together with other creative souls, to create bigger and better things.