Diablo blvd. - Son of Cain

Actually, you can't really call this a project, but because I put a lot of time and effort in it, I want it to have a special place here and an album of its own. A year ago, I was asked to do makeup for the new 'Son of Cain' music video by Diablo Blvd. And since I personally enjoy a more extreme type of makeup, this was really my kind of thing. The director of the video, Jelle Boucher, said that I was more than welcome to bring my camera and take some pictures of my work afterwards.

Four Season Project

My very first project. It was rather in the beginning when I just began to experiment with make-up that I did this series. Actually it all started with just one little tree. The idea came in spring, as I was walking through an avenue lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees. I was wondering if it was possible to use a face as a canvas, turning every asset of it into a tree. Even the hair I wanted to put up straight so it would resemble branches and leaves. So I started by creating one single spring tree.

Hairdressers Awards 2015

This year I can say with pride that I have won my very first award with Philip Noppe Coiffure! Together we won the Hairdressers Press Award of 2015 ! Philip was chosen as the best hairdresser of the year according to the press and he won with a picture that we made together in 2015.


What do you think? Does it? Can you be really good at just the one thing, or at a few things simultaneously? Can you combine different fields without having to give in to loss of quality in one job or the other? A lot of people, even people really close to me, or persons I look(ed) up to, told me that this just wasn’t possible —that in the end I really needed to choose because it would always end up to my disadvantage.