Before & After

Photoshop, some people love it, others are against it. Personally, I think Photoshop is an essential part of photography by making that one picture perfect. I am not saying that perfection is an absolute must but if you are making something magical it can be your key to perfection and imagination. So in my case perfection means bringing to life the image I saw in my head when I took the picture and how I wanted it to be.

I understand that some people are against Photoshop because it makes your picture look unreal and manipulates it. But what most people don’t know is that this is something that happens in everyday life. Take your Digital Camera for example, most of the time you can take pictures in two formats: RAW or JPEG. When you take a picture in JPEG, your camera already corrects some of the colors and flaws. In the early days photographers used to manipulate their pictures manually in dark rooms so they’d have better  results. Even then they already used 'dodge-and burn'-lighting techniques to enhance their pictures. Now instead of sitting hours in a dark room, we just sit hours behind our computer doing similar techniques.

As a Make-up Artist I can use my make-up skills to better my Photoshop skills. For example when I look at a face I can see the different angles, lights and colors in my head and when I lack these elements in a picture I can use Photoshop to enhance them. At first I try to bring these elements in my picture as much as possible by the right make-up and light but if it is still missing I use my Photoshop skills.
These days you can do so much with Photoshop and create a scene or story exactly as you imagine it. I personally love doing both photo manipulation as much as beauty retouching, because I love to create stories but I also love to show a person’s natural beauty even more.

Photography isn’t cheap and clients very often forget that. It’s not just about a ‘Click on a button’ but there is so much more to it. If you want great results or quality than you have to be prepared to pay for the time and effort a photographer puts in his or her work. Sometimes I can work for hours on one simple picture and sometimes even days. Of course these hours also require compensation. But in the end, those kind of pictures will really distinguish themselves from the others. And if you had to choose, would you want a plain ordinary picture or rather a unique picture that differentiates its self from all the rest? 

And for the people who still think this is isn't really necessary: Here are some before and after-pictures ;)