Conscious Creating

As artists we always need to reinvent ourselves, but what if we could do more with less?

Most of looks I create are based on the idea of creating a lot in one image with actually not that much items & materials.

And by doing so, also using very common daily items & materials but sometimes using them just in a rather uncommon way

People always tend to think we need a lot and expensive stuff to make a look really stand out from all the rest.
But I think quite the opposite. I think a vision is more clear and less blurred if you are slightly limited in your surroundings and possibilities.

Because you will search for other options, and therefore be more creative or use different techniques to stand out from the rest. 

Only, the biggest challenge we face today is the fact that we are clouded with the constant stream of possibilities and choices we get, 

before we even create something from scratch. 


Every person has a choice to bring change and a different mindset into his or her world though their work and passions.

I think for us creatives, artists, it’s really important to work with materials & products that are sustainable, durable and renewing for our current environment.
Therefore, I choose to work with a lot of vintage clothing and common materials that I find nearby.
Almost 80% of the looks I created are build up with recycled, up-cycled & vintage clothes that I find in Second-hand, Thrift shops or stock-sales.
Most of the make-up brands I work with are already organic & vegan, and in time I want to replace everything and choose only for natural, organic and cruelty-free brands.
There is also no shame in buying new things, but I rather make the conscious choice to save a little longer and give some more money to a one of a kind piece from one of my favorite artists or local/small businessowners or save it for a really nice second hand item.

I must admit, when I was younger, even though I was an only child,  we never really had a lot of money at home so I worked ever since I was a teenager. In order for me to study, pay my materials, camera, create my portfolio and concepts; I worked weekends, evenings, vacations, and did so many different and s*cky jobs, I almost forgot half of them ;)
I never talked about this (except to my friends) because money always felt a bit like a taboo to be honest.

But this all this made me think in another way. I started going to flee markets, stock sales, second hand shops, ec..
All to search for those things I normally couldn't effort. And so glad I did, because today I'm really in love with my entire waredrobe and frankly, I wouldn’t want it in any other way :)

These days, I do own a lot of stuff.  But the things I collect are one of a kind pieces I search for on thrift shops, or buy from local artists, handmade shops or items I just find to in nature.
I’m not saying I never walk in a regular store again, Hey, I’m only human ! But I’m balancing, every-day and educating myself, always trying to search for those better options.

Nowadays, when you look at social media, people tend to get everything just for free. Big brands and corporations send influencers all kinds of free goodies. 

They use them, display them, and a few days later, something else, better and new pops up on their profile.
Whole looks get build up, for one single shot, use and purpose only. All for some likes and comments?
Everything has to be different, better, every collection, every season.
All the while, the world is dying from pollution 
and all our natural recourses are slowly running out, thanks to this ongoing stream of output. 

What kind of a world do you give to the younger generation, if you only see profiles that only show the next best thing on market, over and over?
It’s like the whole world is disposable. In order for children to see it differently, we really need to fly another course.

Or better yet, not fly. But take a walk around the block and try to ride that old -not yet electric- dusty bike again ;-)

We are the displays, future inspiration and windows of this very society. 

We, as artists, have so much to give and to offer.

Even though the world we live in may be limited. 




So, my fellow artists, creatives and also influencers.

Can we ?