Besides make-up, I love doing hair, because it completes your look. If you are a professional make-up artist, it's essential to have a bit of hairskills because in a lot of situations, the crew or clients will expect that you can do this also. There isn't always the budget or the time to work with a make-up artist and a hairdresser as well, so they expect you to do the two. But, in my opnion, if you do a specific look, you of all people should know which hairstyle would match best. So also for that reason, I think it's really important that you can do both.

I work with a lot of different make-up- and hairbrands but here is one hairbrand where i'm really excited about. Two months ago I did a photoshoot because I wanted to try out some of the new products from
Pur Hair. A german brand, which I was already familiar with since my hairdresser Dinah De Schryder regulary works with their products for some time and was really satisfied with them. One day I bought a bottle of shampoo, and I loved it from the first time I used it. Normally my hair tends to get really greasy and dry at the points quite easily. I tried using Pur Hair moisturizing shampoo and now it's now more healtier than ever. It stays soft and healty for an extended period and I don't have to wash it as often before it gets messy again. Eventhough it costs a bit more than a regular shampoo, you really don't have to use that much. A single bottle really lasts you a very long time. Pur Hair has such a wonderful variety of products that also offers an organic range if you prefer. Also, I don't know what they put in their hair colour products but I never had a blue haircolour that would stay this bright and colourful as the pur hair blue ! Other brands with fantasycolors like blue would fade after only two or three weeks. But this blue stays really crisp up untill two months !! The last couple of months I used only Pur hair products on set (for tv and photoshoots) and I must say I really, really love working with them!

Here are the results of shoots I did with Siegrid Jossaer, a beautiful and very sweet model I already enjoyed working with in the past. We did two different looks each with their own distinct set up.

For the first look I did a really clean straight hair ponytail and a natural makeup with some strands of hair I styled on the model's face. I straigtend the hair and used the air bubbles styling foam to make it even more smooth. Afterwards I used the shaper to shape some single loose hairs on the face and some rough power to keep them in place. I use some shine amplifier to enhance the smoothness and design F/X hairspraiy to fixate everything.

The second look was more experimental and creative. I was in a really creative mood that day so I did a quick freestyle avant-garde make-up and for the hair I used some volumizing mousse in combination with my crimper to give it more volume in order to make a wild and fitting hairdo for the complete transformation. Finally I used the hairspraiy to fix everything and finish the look. So, what do you think?