Can you be really good at just the one thing, or at a few things simultaneously? Can you combine different fields without having to give in to loss of quality in one job or the other?

A lot of people, even people really close to me, or persons I looked up to, told me that this just wasn’t possible that in the end I really needed to choose because it would always end up to my disadvantage. I always refused to believe that it was impossible for me to deliver quality by combining my different passions and be successful at the same time. Their opinion became a drive for me to prove them wrong. All you need in the way to your success is perseverance, seasoned with passion, good methods and patience.

There are many make-up artists or photographers who have found success through specializing in one particular genre. However, my own success has resulted from a conscious decision to embrace all the different fields of make-up artistry and photography rather than become a specialist in one or two fields.

For example: Understanding bone structure and how to give someone a more clean and 3-dimensional look is a big part of a make up artist’s job—they simply do with make up what a photographer might do with their lighting set up or dodge and burn in photoshop.  If you want to learn how to properly set your light or work with dodge and burn on a portrait, one of the best people to ask isn’t necessarily a more experienced photographer. Instead, try asking a make up artist about “contouring” and “highlighting”. 

For the future, I am determined to continue to combine these worlds. As I said before it gives me more perspective and makes me see things like light and angles— that other photographers might miss. It’s even more then that, it also lets me keep my creative mind at full speed. My work is never the same, and I love it. One day I’m doing just regular make-up for television, another day I'm photographing a wedding and the next I’m doing special effects for a musicvideo. In every single job, I find new opportunities, I grab them with my both hands and create magic.