I almost forgot how much I loved these springseries I created in 2015. 
Really can't believe it's already been 4years since I've made these. 
It feels almost unreal, how much everything changed over these past years...

At that time I was in an ongoing loupe of creating. 
Never taking the time, to really look, enjoy or question all the things I made. 
I crashed and burned, afterwards, mentally and physically. 
Because I was never really content, with what I did or create. 
There was always a feeling that I needed to prove myself, to others but especially to myself. 
Perfection is what I chased. 
Yet perfection is something we all dream of, but at the same time, deeply despise. 

I photoshopped a world filled with unrealistic images and expectations.
I was a full-time daydreamer.
I'm not saying dreaming is a bad thing. 
You must dream. 
And you must never stop dreaming. 
Dreaming is what brings joy and happiness to our lives.
But we also need to be realistic. 
We are human. We are not perfect.
Picture perfect worlds don't exist.

But we are all capable of great things, 
not only for ourself but also for others,
if we just use the right mindset and devote our hearts to those dreams. 

Today, I can look back a these pictures, 
feeling nostalgic and sincerely satisfied. 
I'm not in the same 'creation-rhythm' as I was back then.
I create less, but I'm so much more aware of the things I make. 
Most important, I'm happy with who I am and what I do, 
so much more than I was then. 

That's why I'm closing this chapter and style of photography. 

Time to raise the bar. Time for something else :)